RNC Convention workers are being paid at or below Minimum Wage

As I was vacuuming my house recently with my Panasonic mc-cg917 canister vacuum, I was reminded that someone always has to clean up after the messes.  This model and its detailed review makes it easier for me to maneuver through all of the cracks and crevices.  When the Democratic and Rebulican National Conventions are held, someone always has to pick up the mess after everyone leaves.  Now, some of these folks are complaining that the minimum wage set is not enough.

The RNC will take place in Cleveland, OH on July 18th, 2016.  With all of the glitz and publicity comes a sobering reality:   Many of the convention workers who are left to clean up after everyone goes home make at or below minimum wage.  Why is this an issue you may ask?  The issue of minimum wage has been one of concern for awhile now.

People for raising the minimum wage want to have a liveable wage as critics state it is not businesses responsibility to set a wage that is deemed acceptable.  There are valid points both for and against.  It is hard to say whether or not the amount of the minimum wage will be increased and at a substantial level.  Only time will tell.

Fat Politicians Then and Now

As the race for the presidential office is still underway, certain issues are still at the forefront.  People are interested in the job market, illegal immigration, and healthcare.  Some people were not even able to focus on a candidate that was severely obese or overweight.  Governor Chris Christie comes to mind.

With all of the millions spent on political ads showcasing Lipozene reviewers, phen375 consumer reviews, and of course paid Hydroxycut reviews you would think these candidates would have an easy time getting the weight off.  While Governor Chris Christie has shed a considerable amount of weight, these politicians have all struggled with their waist line at one point in time or another.

Mike Huckabee.

About 12 years ago Arkansas governor was diagnosed with type II diabetes.  He was able to successfully shed over 100 lbs. in 2007.  He even published a book regarding his weight loss journey.

Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton was a self-proclaimed “Junk Food Junkie.”  Many of his jogging trips end destination were fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s.

Unfortunately, it had to undergo quadruple bypass surgery and another to clear a blocked artery.  He now sticks to a veggie-oriented diet.

William Howard Taft

He was one of the biggest presidents in history tipping the scale at around 340 lbs.  There were rumors that the man got stuck in a bathtub.  Historians report that Taft’s weight contributed to him having high blood pressure and sleep apnea.

Political Crafts and Merchandise Can Yield Big Returns

People always want to focus on the issues when it becomes time to choose a presidential candidate.  However, one fact is undeniable.  Politics is big business.  Political memorabilia can sell for a few dollars to several hundred thousand.  There is everything from shirts and buttons to hand-sewn items.  The sewing machine itself which was widely used back in the day as well as now produced some pretty interesting items.  I was just taking a look at my Singer 7258 the other day.  Before I bought it, I had scoured through lots of unbiased Singer 7258 reviews.  It is interesting how clothing and crafts can be worth hundreds and thousands of dollars today.

Why you would think that political merchandise is mainly purchased by political enthusiasts, a lot of political merchandise is bought and sold by savvy investors looking for a good return on investment.

Inaugural medals for example are made up precious metals.  The higher the value of gold and silver the better.  Not everyone is concerned with the politics itself.  Some are just looking for a way to invest their money.